About Us

 We believe technology is amazing and should make our lives simpler. It should be easy to automate and control your home or business environment without having to worry about learning the peculiarities of every piece of technology. IoT(Internet of Things) products connect us to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives.

  IoT-store.ca online store features the technology and products you need for a connected home or office, allowing you to control your lights, door locks, room temperature, offer insights into resource consumption habits; streamline business processes or even music through a connected system. We will help you reach your automation goal and find the various devices you need to build smart home or office. 

Our Company
  • IoT-store Canada / IoT-store.ca is operating under 11617016 CANADA INC.
Our presence
  • We partnership online with Best Buy, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and eBay.
Our People
  • We invest in our people through flexible work hours, comprehensive benefits, company-matched pension plan, in-house professional development program, and more.