August Connect WiFi Bridge 2nd Gen

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We've all been there. You come home after a trip to the supermarket, your arms loaded with multiple bags of groceries. As you step up to your front door you do the "Keys Juggle Jive," that fun dance that includes juggling heavy bags of groceries while you try to dig out your keys. If you've ever thought to yourself that there must be a better way, there is: the August Connect door lock system.

August Connect is a remote access device that works with the August Smart Lock (sold separately), allowing the lock to unlock automatically when you come close. Connect plugs into any power outlet within 30 feet of the door and uses WiFi technology to give you convenient wireless access to the Smart Lock's functions.

Why you need this:

Convenience: August Connect allows the August Smart Lock to communicate with your home's WiFi network so the lock can connect online and automatically unlock the door when you (and your smartphone) come home, always know if your door is locked.
Simple setup: Just plug August Connect into any power outlet within 30 feet of the August Smart Lock, download the free app, and follow the installation instructions.
Open invites: August Connect allows you to lock or unlock the door even if you're not home, making it perfect for welcoming guests or pet sitters.
Keep track: Remotely view locks and unlocks on your smartphone, so you can tell when your kid arrives home while you're still at work.
No hidden fees: Just purchase August Connect and the August Smart Lock -- no subscription fees required.
Requires: August Smart Lock