Shelly Motion sensor - Set of 2 - battery operated motion sensor - WiFi

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Shelly Motion - Set of 2

Wi-Fi operated

Connect Shelly Motion to your Wi-Fi
network. No HUB required!

Over 1 year battery life

Count on long-lasting 6500 mAh
rechargeable battery

Real time response

Response in less than 200 ms and
immediate action trigger to another device

Powerful CPU

Equipped with the lowest power consuming Wi-Fi modem in mass production in the world

Adjustable sensitivity

256 levels of sensitivity allow adjustment of the distance and the movement to which the sensor reacts

Tamper detection

Tamper detection and 128 levels of vibration sensitivity will notify you about the slightest vibration


Custom actions

Create the perfect morning routine! Shelly Motion can trigger other smart devices in your home network and customize the actions based on your needs. The moment you wake up, Motion sensor can trigger your rolling blinders to open and turn on the kettle for your morning tea.


   Shelly Motion  +       + Shelly 2.5  +    Shelly Plug        

Smart Scheduling

Don’t wake up your family during your night-time snack! Set Shelly Motion smart scheduling option to turn on the lights very dimly at late hours. That way it will not irritate you eyes or wake your loved ones.

        Shelly Motion        +       Shelly Dimmer 2

256 levels of sensitivity

256 levels of sensitivity will allow you to adjust extremely precisely the distance and the movement to which the sensor reacts.
Easily adjust Shelly Motion’s sensitivity levels through the app wherever you are


No hub required

Shelly Motion can be controlled directly and without a hub through your smartphone. This way you can monitor and control your home, set scenes and adjust setting wherever you are!


Tamper Detection

Install Shelly Motion and rest assured that it will immediately inform you if someone touches the device or tries to dislocate or move it from its initial position.